Sunday, September 4, 2011


"Several years ago, Teresa Amabile, researcher and professor at the Harvard Business School, completed a study which led to "The Six Myths of Creativity." She studied all of the usual motivators, time pressure, fear, competition, money, born creative and discovered, "folks get creatively engaged when they have a sense of playful progress.  "People are most creative when they care about their work and they're stretching their skills," she says. And it happens over a period of time--one day to the next in a cooperative environment can produce more creativity than the hot expectation of a bonus."  Quoted from Robert Genn-twice weekly newsletter.

Case in point, playing with acrylic ink.  The crows, a few posts back, came from playing with ink and dropper.  Not knowing how the product would work, I let the ink and dropper lead the way.  I used the dropper as a pen or brush,  added water and other colors and found I liked what was happening.  Recently, I was playing again using images of my cat and daughters dog Lola.   Lola, and Yang, my meditating cat, became subjects for small paintings.  I also painted Yang in a more traditional way with tube acrylics, but that will be next time.

Let sleeping cats lie

Lola the Havanese, my pal

Yang meditating

Quiet kitty


  1. I love these, Pat! The juxtaposition of the sleeping animals with the intense vibrant background is very pleasing. These are acrylic inks? Applied with?

  2. You certainly are "drawn" to cats! Just remembering having to sit stone still so you could sketch the big black kitty cat in my lap. :-)

    These are fun, and am happy that you are experimenting with the droppers and the inks. Am also experimenting again, but not ready for prime time!

    These are lovely!


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