Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Small paintings

This past month has had its ups and downs health wise, but every time I get a chance, I've been having fun painting small with my oils. One piece was inspired by some colored onion dyed Easter eggs given to me by another Pat.  I re-did some pears and radishes that were bothering me, and a small beach scene of Double Bluff swimming pool.
Smile; those of you that live here know that Double Bluff is beach only; but wait, there is a lovely wading pool for the toddlers that is natural and warm in the summer.  In this painting it is inhabited by cloud reflections.  Enjoy!

Green pear 4' oil black frame

Red pear 4" oil

Handmade bowl of Easter eggs 6" oil 

The radishes aren't dry yet, so here is Grandma's best 6"  

Yellow pear 4" oil

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