Friday, August 3, 2012


Last week I was missing Sketchers, because I had scheduled a desperately needed haircut!  The appointment was right in the middle of our meet, so I had to choose, go early and sketch at the Cash Store or stick around in Langley and try to rush something.
I left and sat in my car at the most gloriously lit scene of sunlight falling on the side of the Cash Store where my hairdresser is located and a small art shop.  Here are the results.  The second one has been dressed up with gouache because I wasn't satisfied with the trees in the background (oh why did I bother even adding them).  Insanity!  Also the clever shelter is confusing because you are seeing the underside.
Bonus.  This was sketched to show Kate how her foam was used to build up the sitting area in the couch.
This is my Finnish Couch with a bunch of pillows.

The shelter and umbrella

The first thing I saw was this!

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