Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hanging out in Sunny Northern California

"Gargoyle"  Conglomerate of mud stone & ash since the ice age.
5x7 oil  Ally's view of Useless Bay

Holmes Harbor from Freeland Hall
Ticks, hikes, beautiful views in the Stanislau National Forest.  Yesterday we hiked on the Trail of the Gargoyles at about 5500 feet, not an easy feat for someone used to sea level.  We are becoming acclimated, but still the thinner air, my wider behind and slower hiking ability takes its toll.  We fall asleep fast, but then I wake up with my feet and legs throbbing and remember...
Our dog Laci, & daughters' dog Gloria are having so much fun running and jumping in the ditch (a water source from the mountains)during the hike, but, we spend the rest of the day picking ticks and healing scratches on Laci.  She is used to Salal in our forests and I think it is more forgiving than Manzanita.  I've been sketching but nothing of note, so I am attaching a couple of small oils I did recently.

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