Friday, November 8, 2013

Vintage & Handmade

Fun times sketching cute kids clothing today at our newly reorganized Community Thrift Store in Freeland.  I also sketched some old handmade quilts and the other day saw a lady walk out with a really nice old red, white and blue Texas star (? ) that she bought for $100; it had a $200 price tag.  Bargain!!!
After that we picked up a glass of wine at Blooms Winery and hung out at the new Pop up shop in the Bayview Cash Store, called Handmade on Whidbey.  There are many wonderful artists selling their work there during the Christmas season.  This is run by the ever energetic Vicky Brown of The Little Brown Farm where she makes goat cheese extraordinaire.
Pretend this overlaps

Blue dress looks like it was made in the Fifties.

Beautiful Squash for sale and serving boards

Vintage quilts

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