Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arts Alive

What a beautiful day we had for art demonstrations in Langley yesterday!  It was called, Arts Alive! All kinds of art media was demonstrated downtown,  printmaking, sculpture, Portrait, Still Life, so much that I can't remember it all.

My husband drove by, but couldn't find a parking place.  He said it looked like I had groupies watching me paint the Good Cheer, and GHL buildings (it was the shadows).  Afterwards, I headed to Useless Bay Coffee for shade and sketching.

I managed to do a quick still life, then headed to the Antique Shop on First and Anthes where this wagon full of pumpkins caught my eye!  I'll have to check them out one morning for better light. They are quite delightful because the wheelbarrow is pink! and the Orange Pumpkins glow with fat orange zinnias repeating the pumpkin shape.
Pumpkin wagon at the Antique Store

Still Life at UBC Coffee

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