Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy pigs

We Sketchers went to Pigs Peace Sanctuary last week and had fun feeding and sketching pigs.  We discovered how smart pigs are; how they cool off when its hot; {in mud} and how they make friends with each other.
Most of the pigs were rescued from terrible conditions.  But thanks to Judy, they will live their life span of about 15 years on this huge farm.
The Sanctuary feeds the pigs about 2 tons of food a week.  Did you know that most pigs are bred for bacon, and don't live beyond 4 or 5 months?
Depressing, because I really like bacon!

Pigs Peace Sanctuary is located in Stanwood and you can also visit and learn how endearing pigs can be, how much food they eat and the tricks they play.  Children of all ages will love visiting here, but be sure to make and appointment, its a very busy place.
Their are many more sketches of the pigs and other farm animals at Bayview Cash Store for the upcoming Farm tour.  The show will be open for the month of September.

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