Saturday, September 27, 2014

The pumpkins are here, the pumpkins are here!

Life is good!  The rain has returned, soup is cooking in the crockpot and friends are sketching a beautiful fall still life.  The sound of the rain perking on the rooftop and the fire in the fireplace, wine and friends all sitting around the table sketching the most beautiful pumpkins from Trader Joes.
Not just beautiful, but superb pumpkins, large, gorgeous colors, great stems, fun to draw and paint!!!
I just realized I am waxing poetic about SQUASH!.  They really are squash, but who cares, pumpkins are more appealing.
It was a yummy cozy day.  Here is the result!
Judi's crow from Casey's crafts and the beautiful pumpkins (okay squash)

The whole shebang!

Oh for a Trader Joe on Whidbey.  Look at these flowers, Van Gogh would be envious!

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