Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dean's Birthday Celebration

There is a piano tuning clown named Dean, who lives in the Middle of Middle Road, off Melody Lane.  Does this sound like the beginning of a fairy tale?  Well, we discovered a home with magical places to play, pray climb to a peaceful tower and enjoy music.  Dean opened his home to anyone on the Island that wanted to come explore his interesting digs.  Sketchers spent the afternoon enjoying the company of the daughters and other friends who showed up.  I enjoyed meeting two darling  19 month old twin boys named Tiberius and Genghis.  Ty reminded me of my Grandson Keean who is now 22yrs old and almost out of College.
I sketched the first building you see when you arrive and I can't remember if it is called the Cinder house or Cone house.  It serves as a business building, but was painted on the outside by Deans children many years ago.  It was a sunlit afternoon as you can see the bright light thru the trees.
Cone or Cinder building with Judith blending into the foreground.

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