Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Small town, big beaches, quiet atmosphere.

I'm talking about Westport WA.  Heather and Tony bought a cottage in Westport.  It is nicely proportioned at about 1000 sq ft.  Each room is large and the living room has a great fireplace.  Its necessary when the wind turns and the house has been empty for a couple of weeks.  The have been fixing it up and the day of this sketch had just hung the flag out together.  Sweet!
The lamp on the front porch was found in a thrift store and fixed by Miss fixit (better than her Mom at electrical stuff).  Tony says he loves pulling dandelions, but I think he needs to get off his knees and use a grandpas weed popper.

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  1. What a most lovely blog post. How special that you have a painting of their front door invoking the welcome that waits inside. Is that on your wall or perhaps on the wall of the cottage? Either way, it is a gift you have to give anyone who sees it. Just lovely, Pat.


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