Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cows, Crickets and Killdeer

The other half to this scene is below; try to picture them together.

It is summer in Kentucky, not summer as I know it in the Pacific Northwest, but the hot humid kind of 90 degree weather that makes me want to hibernate.  My artistic relief is getting out close to 7:30 pm and painting local scenes of sheds, barns and farmland.  Imagine my surprise when I drove down the road and saw Killdeer flying around.  I only imagined these birds living near the shore, so seeing them flying in cow country was quite a surprise.  Painting in the evening offers the sound of birds, crickets, the occasional dog bark or cows mooing.  The breeze cools me and the peace of being alone with just my subject matter is very zen like.

Barns are not my particular subject, but you can't be in Kentucky and not paint barns.  Most barns are red, some black for drying tobacco and others have lost all color.  They all seem huge; I have to sit far from them to fit them on the sketchbook.  The farmers are friendly and delighted that you want to make a painting of their barn.  They bring out ice cold lemonade and peek over your shoulder to see if it really looks the way it should.  The hills and valleys give views for miles offering just the right light for late afternoon shadows. Try to picture these scenes as one large spread; I can't get them to sit side by side.

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Inman Farm, Campbellsville, KY (I was impressed with the two trees setting this barn off on the rolling hills and the low sun creating shadow on the barn)

View from my sisters back yard, Campbellsville, Ky.

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  1. Very depicting of Kentucky. Glad you are finding some peace in painting. Give nana and family love from the NW Youngs!


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