Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday drive

Friday and Sunday sketching!  Today while driving around enjoying our beautiful but chilly views, I came upon a view of Hat Island and decided it was worthy of stopping for a bit.  I was driving on Witter Rd and don't know the name of the street but it's on the other side of the road to Comforts Winery if 
you want to try it.

Friday our group was at Blue School Arts in Clinton.  I meandered into the sunny room where Sara was working and made a sketch of a workspace and some weird thing that looks like a bunch of irons out the window.  It must be a Quonset hut??  Check out the head on the window sill!

Last week in Westport, I tried sketching boats from the car.  I decided it's not my forte!  Too many masts and hard to tell where they all come from and one of my boats looks like its falling into the water.  I like land!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Almost Spring

It is still too cold to sketch outside for any length of time so today, I gave myself permission to sketch from photos.
While walking our dog through the neighborhood, I took pictures of the cows, chickens, scenery.  Since then, I've been having a lovely time sitting around sketching from my phone.  Here are two from Al Anderson Farm in Langley, WA.

The chickens were actually scratching grasses and veggies in the corner, but the hole was getting deep, so I imagined a breakout with the third chicken keeping guard.
The Herefords are very friendly because we feed them apples in the fall, they pose so calmly - probably wondering where the apples went.

Anderson Farm is now a VRBO and can be rented by a family.  Not sure how many it sleeps, but know that it has the same feel of around the middle of the twentieth century!   Even the appliances look old but are updated replicas.  Hmm, maybe I need to ask about sketching inside the house.  It has a cozy corner in the living room that catches the afternoon sun.  Perfect for dozing or reading.

Hereford cows - morning Hay!

Butts up!  Don't break out, there are coyotes!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Winter sketching

Winter:  Brr.  I love landscape sketching and will sketch from the house or car when it is nasty and cold outside.  A couple of weeks ago during the big snows (for Seattle area), I sat inside or sketched from a photo on my phone. ( see the sunny snow sketch below.)

Other great pleasures are visiting friends home and finding a wonderful treasure like the green ceramic lamp at Diane B's home, the jewelry display at Music for the Eyes, or the still life table display from my daughters at Christmas.

Elipses get me every time!  I was looking down on this setup.

Here is another snow sketch from the bedroom window sketched from a sunny day photo.
Clover Court (photo early afternoon)

Monday, February 11, 2019

Snowed in.

After a certain age you convince yourself to be extremely cautious when outside walking on ice and snow, to not be stupid and move too quickly because you might fall...blah blah blah.  I agree we of a certain age need to be smart but not overly cautious.

One of the ways we can still sketch/paint is to bring the outdoors inside.  Here are a couple of sketches done during the overcast snow days sitting on my coffee table looking out.  I have so many more views from the bedroom & kitchen I can work on and darn it, it's snowing again, time to practice what I preach!

I can also work from photos, the light doesn't change, the cow stands still, you get the picture.  Don't stop sketching or painting!  When your outside, practice your sea legs (don't walk like a penguin unless you're on ice), use a hiking pole and have fun.

Here are three sketches finished while inside looking out and, from a photo.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Orcas Island Pottery

A few of my favorite paintings in watercolor are gracing the walls of our Co-op.  I usually don't paint on larger than a quarter sheet of watercolor paper, but the Orcas Island potter displays were worth the challenge.  The blue and brown mugs were earthy but beautiful; they looked like they would be a pleasure to hold in your hand.  The plates on the side of the log building were amazing.  The sunshiny day created dramatic shadows and the blue and pink pearl color on one of the plates was very different.
Both of these paintings are professionally framed with conservation clear glass.  I took the photos in the Gallery, so they are looking a bit crooked and show some glare from all the lights.

Pitcher and Pear is a large 16x20.  I painted this in Coupeville with my friend Stella Canfield from a still life setup. I love the composition and the color in this painting.
All three of these are available for your home at the Whidbey Art Gallery, Langley WA, or contact me here at Blogger.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Crow Season

My Gallery, The Whidbey Art Gallery, promotes a Crow Show in the month of October. so I pulled out sketches and reference photos and got to work.
My first Crow is called The Wise One.  
It is an oil painting with a hint of Madrona trees.  Some paintings just come together easily, this was one of them.  Painting it felt right.  The madrona tree inspiration came on a second pass.

Weathering the Political Storm of 2018 was also inspired.  Referring to a recent sketch of a crow with ruffled feathers, I kept thinking why is he so kerfuffled?  Decided he needed dark stormy weather and a nest to hold onto, then maybe lighter skies looking toward the future.  The inspiration for the title came from the current continuous political news.  I feel we are all holding on in the rough politics of this year.

 Finally, the Baby Crow!  He appears to be startled, like why am I here?  His feet are so big!  I had fun with this little watercolor also and another rendition painted on some kind of paper that absorbed the paint.
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Visit us in Langley WA and enjoy the Crow Show. Artwalk is this Saturday, Oct 6, from 5-7pm.

Friday, September 7, 2018

June - August

It seems summer is flying by and with garden work, summer fun, like the Studio Tour, Super Garage sale and work at the Gallery, I haven't been posting very much.
I have not painted too many oils this summer, or should I say finished paintings..  The trip to Monterey/Carmel, painting with Carol Marine was very rewarding and I followed up plein air painting by monitering a class with T.J. Cunningham in our local area.
Personally, it has been a summer of eye stuff.  I had cataract surgery in June and then again in August.  Once, the first eye is unveiled you are amazed at how blue and cool everything looks; you keep winking from one eye to the other to see how yellow everything looks back to blue and clear.  I felt very worried about what I would be painting and if I would be reviewing the colors of my oils.  (yes!!)  I will post a couple of "finished" oils next time.

So, here is a brief recap of summer in sketches                  
Red Rooster Antique Mall and Kang's Lavender Farm, Freeland

Madrona Park in Anacortes and Rocket Taco in Freeland.
Sideview of Fossek's Farm and the WiFi cafe in Freeland

Visiting Westport WA.  Took an afternoon to sit in the sun and sketch the waterways and chilly beach.

Sunny Sunday sketching in Langley and Cloudstone park on Friday.

View from Lauri's house and Bob Bowling Rustics workplace.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

I'm baack!

My brain has been on idle for the past six months.  I'm still out there creating art, but the business of posting got lost in the shuffle.
So, here are a few things I have done since my last post.  (Bless me Father for I have....not blogged) ;-)
What I did do recently was fly to California to participate in a plein air oil painting class with Carol Marine.  About a dozen hardy women and one lovely man took a class in and around Carmel and Pacific Grove.  I am so happy I did this, it tested my mettle.  I didn't embarrass myself (too much) by tripping over the tripod.  I did discover that trucking off by yourself with two suitcases and a backpack will not be happening again.  My forays into plein air will be here in the Northwest where I can drive my car and paint my favorite parts of Whidbey Island all without being too far from my wheels.  Things I learned, I hope: Blocking in to examine the value and design of the scene you want to paint.  Red cellophane helps to see the lack of values.  Details come later and as Sergei Bongart said, "don't paint the fleas before the dog"  This is harder than you might think!  I'm still trying to work on the block in work we did in the field and if anything comes from it, you will see it here.
Meanwhile, I took my sketchbook instead of oils up the hill to see China Cove and the bird sanctuary at Pt. Lobos and this is what I am posting along with a couple of current sketches.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

December sketching

November and December fly by and I feel lucky to find time to sit and meditate while sketching.
In November we went to the Olympic Mist Alpaca Farm, learned how to make eco printed silk scarves and make a not so quick sketch of the lovely and surprisingly friendly alpacas.  It was a standing up, freezing my fingers sketch, but the girls were wonderful and hung out with me!

One of my favorite subjects is the Fossek Farm and the view while at St Hubert's at 3rd and DeBruyn.  I was driving up the street one morning and the light was so unique that I pulled over and sketched a couple of different views while sitting in the sunshine-filled car.

This was sketched and shaded with water-soluble walnut ink.

Yesterday we went to Debra Campbell's beautiful home and had our pick of wonderful vignettes to sketch.  I managed three!
So, let's see if I can get these sketches on the page so they make sense...

Monday, December 4, 2017

Double Bluff

Double Bluff is everyone's favorite walking spot.  We take our dogs for a run, watch for Rainier, judge how much the hill has slipped and hope children don't climb the bluff while we are watching.
It's also a draw at any time for the changing light.  I have sketched it a lot, but the most memorable was on a freezing February when the sun was around behind the bluff at about 2pm.  I decided to drive by because it was a "sunny day", freezing but sunny.  I took out my sketchbook and made a 20-minute sketch with watercolor noting the light reflections on the great puddle, then went home and made a larger painting.  That painting is in Watercolor and is at the bottom of this page.  The others are oil paintings.
The dog walk at Double Bluff or Pick up Stix

Sm 8x10 on canvas showing the bright light we get here.

From the bluffs on the way to the beach- oil - sold

Mt Rainier and the Fort.  Hottest day every and
early days of my oil painting career

16x20 framed Watercolor of Winter Sun reflection
 on the beach.

Sunday drive

Friday and Sunday sketching!  Today while driving around enjoying our beautiful but chilly views, I came upon a view of Hat Island and dec...