Friday, July 2, 2010

Learning new stuff

Last week I was in Mt Vernon taking a class from Robert Burridge.  I have been admiring his work for a long time and was excited when I learned he was coming to a local workshop.  I fiddle in acrylics, but have not concentrated on using the medium in my fine art.  Using tube and liquid acrylics was a new experience and Bob made it fun.  He says that if your painting gives you angst then you shouldn't be doing  it.  Every day he goes into the studio to play and have fun.

Things I learned:
Making a mess is fun - smear leftover paint over gessoed canvas or paper, use lots of colors, or not.  Let dry; pick out a form, like a pear, paint negative shapes, highlight, shadow, refine, done!
Drip trees:  Smoosh various colors for trees across a mess background with a very wet brush; add dark for the shadow under the leaves; tilt upright and let the trunks drip to the bottom.  Let dry; pick out the background and sky(if necessary), shadows for the trunks on the foreground.  Define if necessary!
Here are some examples:  Check out his website for more examples.  We also did small 5x7 landscapes and florals.

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  1. These are great mom! I particularly like the landscapes with the deep colors. Sounds like a wonderful class.


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