Thursday, August 12, 2010

Island Views

This week I've featured a view from a garden overlooking Holmes Harbor and the Old Pietala garden at the Whidbey Institute.

The Whidbey Institute, also known as the Chinook Center, is on a 70 acre farm that was  established in the early 1900's.  The Institute is now a conference and retreat center, with overnight  facilities for about 30 people and day use for about 150.

Having lived in Finland, I admire the Finns' work ethic, and practicality in building. Every time I visit the Pietala Farm I am transported to a little Island where we rented a cottage year round. The owner had built the beds on the wall bunk style.  We walked through the woods to the sauna at the waterside. We got our water from a well, bucket by bucket and near the well were several rocks that Hannes, the island owner said the Vikings had roundtable discussions.  In the winter we would drive or ski over the ice to the island.

On the Pietala farm, the trees are huge, and speak to the history of the early settlement of this farm.  There is a typical outdoor sauna, many work buildings and gardens.  The home itself is available for groups to stay.  Inside there is a large meeting room and a practical kitchen with screened pantry; upstairs the beds are built on the wall and a sleeping loft for the more nimble.  Be sure to visit this wonderful place for its beauty and meditative qualities.
Trail to the beach-Holmes Harbor

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  1. love reading about the background of the institute. It's a great place but Finland was even better!


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