Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ebey Bowl

The Ebey Bowling alley has reopened and is having a new and exciting life on the prairie.  I have never been to this fun spot and was surprised by the vibrant atmosphere and all the people dropping by to chat, eat and of course bowl.  The lanes were refinished and the alley opened on October 10th, 2010.  This old building used to be a squash barn.  I guess all that squashy stuff has moved to Shermans Farm, where squash is the bomb!  Literally and figuratively the use the last of the squash to bomb into the fields, with some kind of a throwing machine.

There were several sketchers enjoying bowling and several more of us being more studious and examining the potential sketching subjects.  I have fond memories, from long ago, of coke in bottles and chose to sketch the coke and popcorn machine.  The colors even say fun!
Coca Cola in bottles and a bowling ball ladybug with antennas!

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