Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sketching Jay @ Useless Bay and more pears.

6x6 pairs in the air
We were supposed to be sketching the glass at Callahan McVay's glass shop today in Langley.  Callahan decided to take the day off and was closed so our group went to Useless Bay Coffee and enjoyed with warm atmosphere.  Once again I became intrigued with the view outside through the mirrors and decided to sketch Jay with the mirrors in the background.  Jay is pleased that he looks younger than he is and I am pleased with the sketch.

I have also been working on more pears one of which will be for the 6x6 show at 1504 coffee shop.  It is called pairs in the air (in french).  I have also another couple of pair pears that I call pair.  These pears keep me wondering what will be next.  Enjoy

By the way, come to the Open Door Gallery for more pears and good fun on Saturday, Nov 20, 2010.

Sketching Jay, sketching me at Useless Bay

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