Friday, March 11, 2011

Tell your brain to shut up!

Aargh!  Last week I was sketching at the Bayview Farm and Garden and very happy to be there, because it poured, then it sparkled with sun, poured again.  Get the picture, one minute my subject matter had light, the next it didn't.  That doesn't matter, because the sketch was good TILL I decided to add some background.  Never, listen to that gremlin that says "just a little bit of this or that".  Needless to say, then it needed more contrast, more whatever.  I just want to shoot myself and tear up the original, but decided to share the pain and hope to prevent you from doing the same.
So, yesterday I looked at the original sketch and sketched it all over again.  Yes, it needs more, but, I like the cheery colors and at this rainy time of the year in the Northwest, anything that makes me think Tropical is very welcome.
Yes, it needs more, but not today!


  1. I like them both. The second one is a little more "sherbety, sorbet", which I love because who wants dark subdued colors right now? I think the original is maybe a little too literal.

  2. Ditto. Both have nice qualities. I like the darker because it's moodier. The second has fresh color and washes. Toss up. Maybe a third in the works?!


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