Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Living Green

Who knew that this little Health Food gem that seems so far away from downtown Langley was such a busy place.  The store carries supplements, and makes Vegetarian meals. Everyone I spoke to said the food was delicious!   I enjoyed an apple carrot lemon juice drink and plan to have lunch there next week.  The atmosphere is comfortable and quiet and you can chat without a lot of interruption. Cherie, the original owner is back with a partner helping to manage the store.

 Cherie Erwin, the owner of Living Green Natural Food and Vegetarian Cafe,says we're open for brunch, lunch, beer and wine, juices and smoothies, from 11-3PM Sat, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs Hope to see you soon! The address is 630 2nd Street ste A, Langley, Wa.  

On to the sketches.  The view through the front window is of the Old original Langley Telephone building.  It sits on a lot waiting for its next reincarnation.   In the back, nearer to the kitchen I sketched the help yourself counter with the bright red tea kettle and tea selections.

Tea with view to Kitchen

Whidbey Telephone original building

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  1. Cheryl Zimmermann is the original owner. I was the second, Cherie Erwin was third... sort of...
    I paid $60,000 for the store, put $150,000 into it totally restoring it, then "sold" (to this date I've never been paid for it, but not holding my breath) it to go travel. I was gone a month when Cheryl stepped back in to "help" Cherie.... I take it Cherie is gone and Cheryl owns it once again after getting $210,000 out of me... literally every single penny I had... yet, I had to let go and move on or the anger and hurt would have killed me... I ended up with cancer in my liver... but it's still not going to stop me... I'm starting up a little shop called "i Love Living Green" in Washougal... and whatever happens... I'll be ok & life will be good!!


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