Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baileys Corner

Last weekend I set up my art at Baileys Corner.  It is at the South end of the Island on the way to Possession Beach.  There were about 6 artist; two wonderful Encaustic Painters, Glassblower, Jeweler, two Pastel artists and me.


Curious Crow

Crows in puddle
I brought some new materials to work on and play with called Acrylic Ink and an acrylic painting pad.  This wonderful ink comes in a bottle complete with an eye dropper.  Using the eye dropper as my drawing tool, I copied a painting of crows that I had hanging on the wall.  I used a combination of drawing the line and pulling the paint with a dampened brush or wetting the background, dropping some paint onto it and manipulated the pad each way to cause the paint to run.  I like the effects that were happening; it was a serendipitous play of color and line that was only slightly controlled.  In the second crow painting and subsequent bluebird painting I used the ink and more controlled painting with a brush.  


  1. Love the wild colors and wet look of the paint.


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