Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baileys Corner

Last weekend I set up my art at Baileys Corner.  It is at the South end of the Island on the way to Possession Beach.  There were about 6 artist; two wonderful Encaustic Painters, Glassblower, Jeweler, two Pastel artists and me.


Curious Crow

Crows in puddle
I brought some new materials to work on and play with called Acrylic Ink and an acrylic painting pad.  This wonderful ink comes in a bottle complete with an eye dropper.  Using the eye dropper as my drawing tool, I copied a painting of crows that I had hanging on the wall.  I used a combination of drawing the line and pulling the paint with a dampened brush or wetting the background, dropping some paint onto it and manipulated the pad each way to cause the paint to run.  I like the effects that were happening; it was a serendipitous play of color and line that was only slightly controlled.  In the second crow painting and subsequent bluebird painting I used the ink and more controlled painting with a brush.  


  1. Love the wild colors and wet look of the paint.


I'm baack!

My brain has been on idle for the past six months.  I'm still out there creating art, but the business of posting got lost in the shuff...