Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sun Mountain

Draped hills 7:30 pm

8pm hard to see details

4pm next day more information

No it is not my husband, but it could be!
     Recently, my husband and I spent a few days soaking up the sun over the mountain, Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, Wa.  Our goal,  just take it easy, enjoy the views and sunny atmosphere.  I don't want this to sound like an advertisement for Sun Mountain, but the views were unendingly beautiful.  I painted the same view twice, once in the evening when it was difficult to see the distant shapes of the mountains and then again in the morning.  Late one afternoon I sat and sketched the pool with the distant mountains behind a tree.  My favorite view was from the dining room where the land looked like a draped curtain folded and falling to the next level of ground.   It was interesting how the shadows from either the morning sun or the evening helped you envision the formation of the land.
     If you go over North Cascades to Twisp,  I really recommend the current show at the Confluence Gallery.  The subject matter is Values by Mary Powell and Gary Harper.  Gary is a black and white photographer and Mary is a well-known local artist/teacher who emphasizes understanding value.  Powell,  a master of color, movement and emotion in her impressionist canvases,  always begins with a black-and-white value study, incorporating the three components that are the basis of color-value, hue and intensity.
     In addition to exhibiting paintings of landscapes, walls and doors, of horses and horse people; and photos of coils of wire, weather and barns, the two artists have provided guides that give further insight into the way they see things.  Powell's paintings are accompanied by her diminutive value studies.  Red filters are on hand for viewers to the exhibit to learn to see the world as darks and lights devoid of color.
     This gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday, through September 17,  so plan accordingly.

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  1. i love that ted surprised you with this trip. massage? he's a good man. you are lucky to have him. glad you had the retreat you deserve and found time to do what you love.


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