Saturday, November 26, 2011


Driving down Bush point road, the other day, I saw the sign for Cloudstone way.  At the end of a long driveway, was Hank Nelson's Cloudstone Sculpture Park.  As soon as I saw several giant metal tanks connected and mounted in the air, I knew I had arrived.

Touring the property in my car, I saw mounds of gravel about 15 feet around that looked like small volcanoes ringed with granite rocks; there are also rock slabs of balanced sculptures all around the property.  These are some of his site specific Earth works sculptures.  Hank graciously gave me a quick tour of his current work of giant black monoliths (black granite?) that weigh 24000 lbs.  He then took me to see his beautiful bronze gallery. Hank, sorry to be ignorant about which rock but my mind was spinning, I  was overwhelmed by the scope of your work.I'm looking forward to returning with friends to explore the earthworks and even have a picnic at the marble tables and benches!
Here are some comments from

Cloudstone Sculpture Park
 Sculpture Park, on beautiful Whidbey Island in Washington State, is a visually intriguing feast of primal totemic art that anyone will want to visit. The vision of one man, Henry D. Nelson, to create site specific earth sculptures that address today's environmental issues, is far reaching. The successful integration into the park of over fifty of his carved granite, cast iron and bronze sculptures serves for a very inspiring experience. Open daily before Monday October 15, 2007 and by appointment after Wednesday, October 17. For directions contact the artist at, or call 360-331-3913 evenings.

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