Friday, March 16, 2012

Continuing education on the Ipad

I continue to challenge my abilities on the lovely Ipad.  I've discovered wet into wet painting, developing brushstrokes and blending.  On some of the newest art work the ability to define translucency has helped me make a glass look like a glass that you can see through.  The wet pencil in the ArtStudio program lets you blend as if you have gooey paint on your brush.
Original painted with effects & stylus-Art Studio

Manipulated with effects like photoshop to change image slightly

I thought I was painting this in normal size, but found out that I started at 200%.  I wondered why it wouldn't give me greater detail when I double tapped!  Too bad, I liked the image.
Another ArtStudio using the effects I talk about on this blog, translucency and wet paint.

Using the Ipad for painting reminds me of painting on Yupo paper.  For those not familiar, Yupo is a plastic bright white surface and the paint sits on the surface until it is dry.  You can manipulate it by spraying with water and letting it slide over the surface of the paint.  This give you unusual effects, not entirely controlled. For me, this is the magic of painting; you can't make the picture exactly perfect, it feels more artistic.  A photograph can be perfect - a painting can replicate a photograph, but where is the art in that?  It is the beauty of putting your heart and soul into the creation that makes art!

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