Friday, March 30, 2012

Real life - Oils

What a week!  I had the best time and learned so much about oil painting from Dreama Tolle Perry at a Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio workshop.  I learned how to use dark transparent paints to start the painting.  We drew the painting and blocked in transparent colors with a generous amount of medium.  On the second round we used our local color and no medium to lay the lighter values.  Each time we changed a color, the brush had to be cleaned in order to keep the next color as pure as possible.  The paintings vibrate with color and energy.  Here are some examples.
This is the dark background color for Dreamas Sunflower!  

Summer peony 8x10

Balcony 10x10

Guess what!

Santa Monica beach 10x10

Beautiful Calories 6x6

Tea & Roses 6x6
What a

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