Monday, September 10, 2012

Rosehip Garden

This a record of my struggle painting this past Friday.  Sketchers met at Rosehip Garden in Coupeville on a beautiful warm, sunny day.  I found a shady place to sketch that gave me a view of the red back door and a wonderful shadow slanting in from the West.
Feeling experimental, I sketched with my big brush and lots of water.  Unfortunately, the paper was not quite up to it and would look better ironed! 8-)  I love the size and  whiteness of the paper, but it can't handle too much water & paint.  It is a 93lb Aquabee, Super deluxe. The shadow didn't look right and required repair with gouache when I got home.  Next time, heavier paper!

The Red Door

Sketch # 2:  There is something in my makeup that looks at multiples, like mirrors on a wall or in this case, sets of windows.  I love the puzzle they create and it absorbs my mind when I am sketching these complicated views.  I wish for the talent to be a bit more correct with architecture, but life is what it is and its still fun.  This was painted on Arches 140lb paper that I made into a sketch book.

Sketch Two

Another recent sketch is of the Boatyard Inn.  A place Ted and I stayed for a couple of nights this summer. The architecture is so fun and funky.  The inside is modern, clean with lots of space and views of the Langley Harbor.  We loved it!
The Boatyard Inn, a lovely place to stay!
Keep painting!  Pat

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