Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nothing's Sacred, watch the light!

 Today was full of experiments. I experimented with changing paint colors and photographing the images in various lights.  How many times have you finished a painting, set it on the mantle to see it outside of your studio and found the values were too dark?  Take note of how the light changes the look of the same pear.

 I had an acrylic pear that was a ghost from a monoprint.  The image was too flat.  (Here I have to apologize, because I thought the old image was in my files, but it wasn't.)
My goal was to repaint the pear in oil.  Yesterday this pear was green/gold!  I used a Indigo  as the shadow underneath and feel that color should be avoided unless you plan the whole color scheme around it.  Obviously, I didn't plan and had to wipe the whole painting away.

New plan, still flying by the seat of my pants, I discover a beautiful color that I would like to try: Grumbacher Barrick Flesh Blush(B), yum.  I paired it with Cad Yellow light(CYL), Yellow Ochre(YO), Ultramarine Blue(U), Transparent Orange Oxide (OO) and Transparent Red Medium(R).  The plan is emerging.
First pass! Imagine light from bottom right.

 Window light=pale & pasty
Overworked! Ugh!
More paint!

Finished? Photo window + studio light

No lights. This how it will look in a home.

The moral of this story is don't be afraid to re-invent, revise.  It's only paint and its not sacred...yet!

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