Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The beauty and curse of oils!

Latest rendition, I'm done, I like it!

Original rendition, pardon the glare.  I was confused about background importance vs color!  I like color, but have learned where the star belongs.

Second version, still a little flat.

Ha! you say!  What is she talking about?  For the past few weeks as I learn more about using oil paints, I have been revising (only slightly) paintings I did quite a while ago.  The beautiful thing about oils is that you can change your shadows, shapes, or add a bit more light.
A couple of the pieces I have revised were done in a class from a photo, rather than a still life set up and I never felt they were "mine".  They were nice paintings, and even though I did a good job replicating the image, my heart wasn't into the creation.
So, here is one I have revised and a couple of other images that needed a tweak.
More on this subject later.

Rose tea minor changes

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