Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Like the bees, I have been busy, sketching, painting, monitoring a three day class, then working in the garden replanting a section where we lost a tree.

Last week was the busiest I have been in a long time.  Dreama Tolle Perry, a very colorful artist from Paris, Kentucky came back to Whidbey to paint at Whidbey Island Fine Art Studios.  I have painted with her in the past and really enjoyed the experience.  This year Cary asked me to monitor her class.  This allowed me to paint with the group and enjoy the "Dreama" experience once again.  I will be posting the paintings I did in her class soon.

After that, our church St. Augustines, put on their annual Trash and Treasures sale, so I worked at the church for three days helping buy and sell the goodies.  This was the place I sent some of my stuff from the house and studio cleaning frenzy that I posted about last time.

The garden was screaming me, me, me, so my pal Al came and we chopped down a number of trees which Ted took to the composting place.  The garden girls and I also spent a couple of days cleaning and mulching beds.

The one thing I gave to myself was Friday afternoon to rest and sketch with the sketchers!!!  Here is a compilation of recent sketches.
Cynthia's colander

Coupeville Crater on Hwy 20

Full Moon Maple at Froggwell

Marian & Phil's gazebo


Froggwell peonies

The tractor shed at Amy's

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