Thursday, June 6, 2013

June is here!

The merry month of May is just a memory.  A memory of oil painting classes, some of which I paid for and was a full time student, others I was a monitor, attending to details.  Putting out food to keep the artists happy; setting up the room for  still-life painting; cleaning up; taking down; timing the models.  So many details to make everything run smoothly.
During my free time?, I tried to paint a still life. Ha, maybe it will be finished from the photos I took, maybe not.
The full time class I took was from an artist called Qiang Huang  "Chong Wong" is a Chinese artist from Austin Texas.  He has painted with many of the current great artists, like Richard Schmidt, David Leffel, etc.  His work is wonderful and now I own two pieces of his art.  The painting below is his second demo during the workshop.  I also bid on a small piece from the daily painters auction; Orchid study 2.  I can't call it up and paste it here yet, so you will have to visit, qiang&mode=search

All of this art and monitoring was sponsored by Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio  We met and painted in one of the Fairgrounds buildings.  Parking was a real challenge because of all the semi-tame bunnies that have escaped from the fair and multiplied over the years.  They even have a special bunny graveyard!

I hope to get to finish some of the paintings I started last month.  Stay posted!  Meanwhile, the garden needs attention.  The sketchers are coming to sketch here on the 21st, so I need to make it pretty.
Second demo.  Needs a title, any suggestions?

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