Monday, July 15, 2013

The Summer Whirlwind

As usual, summer in the Northwest is a blur of activity.  My favorite is still sketching outside at the Markets, on the street, or even when working in the Gallery.  I bring in flowers and sketch them when the gallery is slow.

Some activities from this past week not related to sketching are Kayaking!  Finally, I got on the water with a new group of women, who are so experienced.  We launched off Robinson Rd on Mutiny Bay last week very early in the morning.  The middle of the day was spent painting with Cary in her studio, then I finished up the day hauling in crab with Sherryl at 5pm.  Whew!  Not a typical Northwest day, but you get the idea.
The scenes below are from Second Street market on Friday and some daisies I brought into the gallery while working.

Lillies at UBC

Second Street Market 1

From UBCoffee Company Garden where the Lillys grow.

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