Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 I found some beautiful fuchsia paper to use as a base for oil painting studies.  One of my setups is painted on woven paper canvas, the other on the new Oil paper by Arches.  The paint went onto the paper canvas beautifully; it just rolled off the brush and blended out.  The oil paper has a bit of a drag and the colors stay bright, however the surface absorbs the paint so you have to load the brush heavier. These surfaces are a way to experiment on inexpensive backgrounds.  Use black or neutral tape to adhere the paper to a board.
My setup is small and controlled.  I use a box with a black background, some colorful paper and control the amount of light going into the setup with a cloth or cardboard.  I have difficulty seeing the paint colors on my palette in the studio unless the overhead light is on or I put a lamp onto my work surface, so another recent addition is putting up my plein air umbrella to help block the ceiling light.  Here are a couple of pictures showing the differences.
Overhead light off.  Light is concentrated on work surface and still life.

Overhead light on.  The umbrella helps keep the still life somewhat shaded.
Paper canvas

Arches oil paper

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