Monday, February 3, 2014

Field Trip

Orange Slices oil 6x6 traditional

Oil on Oil paper traditional

Looking down on the subject matter 6x6

I started this painting before leaving for Eugene, OR. to paint with Carol Marine.  The painting below with the urn, was after Carol's class.  I am still over-working the paint but, I love the aspect of looking down on the subject.
The class was a wonderful eye-opener for handling oils, perspective, modes of seeing and still life setup.  My free spirit loves the somewhat abstract, unrelated items.  I hope you do also.

The class was held at the Emerald Art Center, Springfield, a beautiful facility with plenty of room for 18 students and Gallery/store.
We painted from 9-4 every day and went out for dinner. The restaurants in Eugene are terrific, eclectic, healthy and for the most part reasonably priced. Several of us stayed in airbnb's.  If you haven't checked these out, you should. I had a whole wing of a house to myself for a very reasonable price.
The artists I met, including Carol and her family were sophisticated, experienced and very sharing.  We had mutual appreciation of talents and it was fun sharing ideas for funky setups.  My favorite trip was to a Salvation Army looking for cute props.  You will see some of them in the next blog!

These little pink things are actually an orange, named Cara, Cara.  They were available at Costco in Oregon.  Delicious!

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