Sunday, February 9, 2014

Playing with new themes and color

Voodoo donut & goblet

coffee & orange
 This is a little off the beaten path.  A Voodoo donut that posed with a thrift store goblet.  I added the cherry for fun.  The donut was never eaten, although every time our dog came into my studio, she volunteered to make it go away.
Japanese green teacup

Princess shoes

I started this in Oregon, left the coffee cup at the Art center and had to wing it when I got home.  Decided to give the inside of the cup the color and the outside a bit of detail.  Not too much, but if you look its there.

These are favorite teacups of ours from Japan.  The blue flower is translucent on the inside and more detailed on the outside.  I like the orange color paper for contrast.

A pair of little girls shoes.  I can imagine they made her feel like a princess.

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