Friday, April 4, 2014

A Sunny day in Pt. Townsend

Bicycle Antenna
Don't I love it when the Weather man is wrong!  We were all prepared for rain or sun today and the Sun won!  Sounds like a pun.

I think this boat is a Pt Townsend icon because so many people were taking pictures of it.  The funky bikes might serve as an antenna.  Maybe no one lives there, but it give that impression.

However, sketching the last picture
of the red wall, man in green with sun on one side slashing down the wall was a wonderful challenge.  Could I get the likeness before they finished eating.  Fortunately, there was only one waitress today, so I did finish capturing the light and likeness. Sort of!  The light was prime!

Jim Short at Sirens in the sun?

Sirens Restaurant always seems to be sunny to me, but if you look out this window at the water and clouds you can tell the weather wants to change

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