Wednesday, May 14, 2014

EDIM 5 & 6; A Hobby and Relic

My hobby, my art, is painting, drawing. This is a new watercolor brush that retains its shape, has nice bounce and holds a reasonable amount of paint.  A winner!

Besides myself, the only relic I have is a crystal vase that Mom gave me a few years ago.  TSA loved it when I put it in my luggage.  Can you imagine screening a ball shape of glass and thinking bomb?
I'm not ready to paint crystal, however, I'd like to think something I created might become a "relic".

While living in Yokohama, I spent many hours learning how to sew this Geisha's clothing and put it together.  The head and hands are porcelain, not that cheap silk that they sell these days.  Her hair is an actual wig.  She has been hidden in a tea chest for most of the past 50 years and I decided she needed her place in our home, no matter what happens to her and her companion.  I made two, the other is a normal housewife in a kimono!
50 years old.  Geisha doll


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