Tuesday, May 13, 2014

EDIM Umbrella and Thumb

This was an interesting addition to the 30 day challenge, drawing an umbrella.  I had to wait till morning to raise the garden umbrella slightly to get some different undulations.  A straight out tight umbrella is hard to draw; all those ribs drive me crazy.  Interestingly, while sitting inside looking outside I got to enjoy the changing light and beautiful morning.  I kept telling myself, stop, its just about an umbrella, but everything else kept creeping into the picture.  Then, as you will see in a couple of days, I still couldn't stop and sketched most of the same scene for the shadows!

Thumbs are very funny looking on their own; mine looks very masculine as I can't keep my nails very long and refuse to have false nails applied.  The inside angle and soft pad add qualities that you don't normally concentrate on when you look at your thumb.  Take a look at yours.

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