Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to School

Bob's version of how the sketch below could be simplified.  Rosyln Valley/

I had the most wonderful trip over the I 90, this past week; the weather was incredible, traffic bearable and then a class with Cathe Gill and Bob Phinney.  We painted in Cle Elum and Rosyln, two picturesque areas that leave you wanting more.  The vistas on "the other side" are for miles, with high clouds, golden fields and The Brick, a huge saloon where everyone congregates for food and beer. Rosyln seems to be built on hills and hollows and has charming tin roof buildings everywhere.

I concentrated on learning abstract shapes and value studies that would make interesting paintings. Back to school for me.  I'm still working on it Bob and Cathe!
Cathe has the most definitive book on painting in watercolor, Powerful Watercolor Landscapes, the design ideas can be used for any plein air painting.  This is a sketch of the valley.

Rosyln valley (holler)

Simplified shed and house showing abstract 3 value pattern

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