Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bentwood and Lavender

Visiting the Kang Lavender farm last week was reminiscent of the kind of summer I had as a youngster.  Sitting, enjoying beautiful weather with friends and letting the talk flow around you.  The fields of Lavender are so colorful, it was warm and quiet and a light breeze kept us cool.

My friend Sooja arranged this sketching location and acted as hostess, making a Lavender drink and cookies to keep us happy.  We were entranced with this beautiful setting, the barn, and the garden.  I fell in love with, as usual the most complicated thing in sight, which was the Bentwood Rocker.  All because it was painted RED.  Don't you think all bentwood rockers should be painted?
A gift from our host MC.

The rocker, floated in and out of the sun.

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