Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mind Blowing Art

The head of this piece opens to another and then another face.
This one of his newest pieces.  I was not able to include the tortoise that the acrobat is balancing on.
Whidbey Island constantly amazes me.  We have so much natural beauty all around us and artists galore.  Then, one day you go to a Gallery hidden in the woods, with a Tower and magical, spiritual beings, carved from cedar, cut from metal, with parts that show the outer and then the inner face of life and death.  These life size beings surprised and awed our group so much so that we couldn't talk normally.  It was if we were in a church.  We were welcomed with cookies and coffee and told to enjoy and explore, but we were afraid to touch so many of the pieces.  I just finally explored the blog of Jerry Wennstrom, In the hands of Alchemy.  Check it out and be prepared to meet a genius, the next time I go and I hope it is soon, I will be more adventurous.  Pat

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