Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tree peony cards

Today I worked at Whidbey Art Gallery.  Knowing it would be a slow day during the middle of the week, I brought some painting supplies and worked from photos off of my Ipad.
Our Tree peony was a major subject in its varying stages of bloom.  It came from the old garden and it really likes the new location in the new garden, gaining a bloom each year.  This year it has three blooms....!
 I first worked on Strathmore card stock, Ivory color; the surface was very bumpy and it needed going over a couple of times to get the colors close.  For the others, I used a wonderful acid free hot press, white card stock.   I drew and painted with my brush while looking at the photo.  I love doing this it gives me a feeling of tickling the bloom, or sculpting the form while pushing paint around.
This whole process of creating from photos kept me going even when I returned home.  The next image was a small doll carriage in the Good Cheer window.

Please tell me which ones you like best!
I will be making some copies for cards at the Gallery soon.  I hope you like them!
Strathmore stock off white color

Doll carriage in Good Cheer including reflections
Side view peony 

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