Monday, August 7, 2017

Singing in the Garden

I wasn't singing in the garden, but I did hum along. The group Triptych was performing at Lavender Wind Farm in Coupeville.  My artist friend, Claudia Mitchell invited Ted and me to come enjoy the afternoon and hear her sing.
Triptych is an instrumental group led by trombonist John Leeser; they play songs from the Big Band era. Eileen Soskin on piano and bassist John Hughs rounded out the group. Claudia Mitchell fit right into the group.  She has a beautiful, classically trained voice.  We loved being there!
I knew my husband would enjoy this music and he stepped right up for an afternoon relaxing outside.

Instead of a Lavender Festival, Sarah has been promoting concerts in the garden surrounded by the beautiful blooming lavender.

Thank you, Sarah!  If I had been smart enough to read your wonderful website, I would have seen you had sandwiches for sale and we could have avoided Bubba burger.  Nothing against Bubba dogs, but an Italian Submarine sandwich does sound really yummy!

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