Monday, May 31, 2010

Art and Antiques

  This past weekend I was invited to be a part of the Antique show.  This event has been in existence for about 24 years at the Island County Fairgrounds.  I always enjoy going to the show, because the vendors for the Antiques are so good at creating setups that are perfect to photograph and paint.  This year I painted everything that was around my booth.

There was an extraordinary bird bath with two swans necking across the pedestal stand.  The lady that bought it was going to turn it into a side table.  I hope she takes the moss off if she is using it inside. The tall object in the painting with the parasol is a wallpaper block roller.  It is used to make one image on handmade wallpaper.

You will discover, I have a problem with straight lines and elipses and this table and the parasol are examples.  I was sitting too close.  I still like the images.

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