Monday, May 31, 2010

Dogs & Cats

I don't consider painting animals my forte, but when my daughter Heather got her cute Havanese, I was off and running.  Since then, it is fun to let go and paint these animals, sometimes tongue in cheek, as in the blue and yellow Homer, another family pet.  Sometimes, emotions cause the painting to happen, as in the case of our beautiful Himalayan cat Yin.  She kept losing weight and telling us something was wrong.  We finally got the message and discovered she has diabetes.  She now lets us know when it is time for her twice daily shot of insulin.  I painted her sitting on our bed snuggled up against a blue pillow.
Teds sister Lynne has a beautiful Ragdoll cat that likes to curl up in a basket in the kitchen, she also in this gallery.   I forgot to mention Whidbey, Ron Kasprisins' Lab.

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