Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Elipses and Dark values

Recently, I spent a weekend painting with about 18 other artists on Camano Island; the second annual (I hope) weekend with Jack Dorsey and Thomas William Jones.  If everyone else came away with as much understanding and information as I did, we struck gold.  Tom is a local artist, living in Snohomish, who has had the honor and privilege of painting images of the White House that were used for the Christmas cards for the Reagan administration for four years.  Needless to say, his work is selling for high figures and his knowledge and understanding of composition, value, and so much more is way above anything I could ever accomplish and mesh into my mind in my lifetime.

Jack is such an accomplished artist and well known on Camano Island.  He has had two one man shows at the Frye Art Museum.  He opens his home and garden for this workshop; his wife Ann  cooks a meal for us on Saturday night for the critique with Tom and keeps us supplied with brain food during the two days we work.  Jack runs around looking for everyone, trying to answer questions and help with drawing, perspective, value.  The house and garden are overflowing with potential still-life subjects for us to choose from.  I wish we could do this once a month.

I like heading into the peace of the garden and choosing my subject based on the light.  Friday, there wasn't very much light with rain threatening.  Nevertheless, I saw a shiny metal tank in the lower garden with a couple of spouts and rolls (elipses!) of wire and hoped that it would be and interesting painting.  It took me two days and two visits each by Jack and Tom to finish the painting.  I am posting Jacks ten minute tiny color study, Tom's quick value sketch in pencil and my pencil study and the ? finished product.  Weep with me.

My painting

Jack Dorsey sketch with color added.
Quick sketch by Tom

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