Friday, December 3, 2010

Pears, peers, pairs, puns

This week, I am having fun with wordplay.  It all started with a small couple of small pears from last week that I called Pair in the air.  The French translation is a little off but you get the idea.  These small 6x6 pears will be in a show this weekend at Timbuktu (formerly 1504) coffeehouse.  The owner asked me to paint at least one more, so I painted a trio of pears and started a single pear before leaving for the East Coast.  Yesterday I rushed to finish the images, adhere them to the board, varnish etc.

Because the first painting was pair in the air and I have such a difficult time creating names for my art, I decided to play with the words.  The single pear is Peerless (not a pair); the trio is Pair plus (one). Today they will be delivered to latest most charming coffeeshop on Whidbey.  Timbuktu is located in Freeland across the highway from the Island Athletic Club.  Opening is Dec 4, try to stop by for the show.

Pair plus 6x6 $110

Peerless 6x6 $110


  1. cute mom! I really like the trio. The light on them is fresh and spring like. Hope you have a good show this weekend! I also like the idea of square paintings. Is it hard to find square frames?

  2. Gorgeous pears! How about "au pair"? And surely you need to paint a partridge in a pear tree for the holidays!

  3. They are painted on 3/4" wood panels. I order them by the case!


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