Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Bonnet

Spring!  The trees are blooming, so is the ground with moss!  This is the wettest winter ever and the cold persists.  We get moments of hope with sunshine, run around without the proper clothes and then back comes the Chest cold.

My husband asked why is the model blue?  I was drawing with a Lamy pen that has blue ink.  When you add water it bleeds slightly.  The goal is to get it to bleed into the dark areas so the form is defined.  Lamy pens are the latest with our sketchers group.  You can find them on  I have friends that have several Lamys with different color ink in each pen. They cost about $25 each.

Blue model  

This lovely Bonnet brought hopes of sunshine and spring flowers.  We were inside hiding from sheets of rain at Studio 106 in Langley, where all things Spring were displayed for us to paint.  Sharen Heath was a colorful model who sat in a chair and knitted while she was being sketched.  There were plenty of pretty hats to sketch and Easter eggs in baskets and on the table, not to mention Phyllis' beautiful paintings on the wall.
Bonnet painting at Studio 106

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