Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion sketches

This has been a busy week with a variety of sketching opportunities.  Our little town, " Langley by the Sea" pulled out all the stops on Saturday with a Fashion Show on First Street and in the Clyde Theater.  It was a mind opening look at the wonderful clothing available to purchase without traveling "to America".  This is the term we say when we are traveling by ferry to "the other side", AMERICA!
The styles of clothing ranged from sophisticated country to Uzbek tribal clothing.  Our own Mayor of Langley was a model wearing Uzbek clothing and a Bear fur hat.   Brett and Chad, the jewelers from the Celtic Viking stood in their doorway and posed wearing their kilts.
The Star Store had models with plastic wigs, roller skates, crisp aprons, trays of food, features of all the store has to offer, including their more suave dress up clothing.  Men, women and children participated as models and seemed to be having lots of fun.  I will post a few pictures, but you need to remember most of the images were sketched in the darkened movie theater.  This show was so successful that it will be repeated in October.

Brett with his jewelers goggles

Chad wearing a plaid for the Ministry

Roller skate model on the stage

After the show the sketchers wandered around town
looking for more opportunities for sketching.  I went to Music for the Eyes and did a small painting of this Uzbek, 1900's Chapan (Robe).  

It is so pretty that I have turned it and many other sketches into cards in time for the Grand Opening of Whidbey Art Gallery.  A set of these cards will be part of a drawing each day over the Memorial Day weekend.

Our Gallery is 114 Second Street, Langley.  We have 22 artists work for you to enjoy.  Come in and you might win something!
Uzbek Chapan

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