Sunday, December 18, 2011

Drawing Jam

This was my first experience at the once a year drawing jam at the Gage Institute in Seattle.  Three floors were devoted to drawing from still life, nude and costumed models.  I spent most of my time in one room trying to get a good view of the models so I could draw them, then discovered the pleasure of drawing my fellow artists who were so involved with their own drawings, they had no idea that they were my models.  My view was a sea of easels, very tall easels!  I knew I couldn't stand at an easel all day, so found a high stool against the wall and enjoyed the view.

My first subject was "the big guy".  He was so involved in his drawing that I had time to study him, his clothing, the way he held his paper with one hand while he drew with the other.  His clothes were more interesting because they were layered.
My next "victim" like to sit sideways on the drawing stool; I liked the way her hair swooped back.  Another gal always drew up high onto her pad of paper, with one hand on her hip.  I asked if her arm ever got tired and learned from her accent that she was French.  She informed me that her arm was a light as a feather.  I had an empty easel near me but it had a coat hanging on the side, so I assumed someone was coming back and later a woman showed up and blocked the rest of my view so I moved on after sketching her twice.  I'm not showing this because her back was boring.

Looking for food later in the day, I found the Thai food truck in the driveway and then more models on a scaffold in the multipurpose room, this time they were dressed in simple tights or a bathing suit.  They were incredibly strong to be able to hold difficult poses for several minutes of time.

The cost for this wonderful day was $10 and it included drawing pads, pencils, erasers, and all kinds of art supplies.  It started at 9am and went on into the evening.  I would give this experience at least 4 stars.  Save the first Saturday in December to enjoy this experience.
A sea of easels

Light as a feather


The big guy!

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