Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Toy or Tool

I am now the proud owner of a version one Ipad. My dear husband felt compelled to feed my techie obsession, and save my eyesight. I've been exploring this wonderful new tool and trying to apply it to my life and lifestyle. If you have an Ipad, I probably have been looking at it and asking about which apps you like best and why! In other words a real pest. 

This techie obsession and delight applies to an Ipod shuffle where I download books. You may say, hmm, how can that promote togetherness? Well, this little tool/toy was purchased as a gift for my hubby, who balked at the thought of putting in earbuds. His obstinate attitude was my gift, but only for a while.  Now we both enjoy this little technilogical wonder when we are driving together or even eating dinner. We listen to books out loud through the ipod radio or in the car on a trip. Togetherness! I like this because we get to discuss books real time. The current story we are "reading" is Mocking Jay, the third book in the Hunger Games series.

So, you say, how does this relate to your art? Good question. While we are listening to the book, I discovered a couple of drawing programs. One of these programs is called Glow. I used Glow to draw Nescafe and Salt and Orchid.  

Nescafe is my favorite mug, acquired while on a painting trip to Bulgaria. The last two days of a two week painting trip, we stayed at the International Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Nescafe mugs, were in our room and honestly, I never do this, but I really loved that mug and told my roomie that I was going to take one home with me. Kind soul that she is she went out an bought two more mugs for replacement. However, for every bad deed, there is a punishment. The staff of the hotel sent us off with lunches to eat while traveling and the last thing I ate before arriving in Portland for customs was a fresh, unwashed, apple.  Payback! The rest of the trip to Seattle was most painful.  Thanks again Faye ;-).

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  1. Cute post Mom. Glad you are enjoying your ipad. Mocking Jay already? Has your interest waned as mine did?
    Nice drawings too. love-H


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