Monday, September 17, 2012

Drought tolerant garden, view & color!

Beautiful layers
Meeting this past week with the Sketchers was at the home of a friend who has a garden design business on Whidbey.  I haven't seen Deb's garden for quite a while and even then, I think it was in the evening when it was too dark.  So, imagine my surprise to arrive with the Sketchers and discover, the most beautiful drought tolerant garden with views of the Sound in the distance.  It was peaceful, colorful, and a joy to contemplate.  My thoughts: holy smokes, where do I start?  I finally settled on a river of Miscanthus and Mexican Feather grass with Yarrow and a tall Straw type purple flower whose name escapes me.  What fun!  Many thanks to Deb for allowing us to enjoy her beautiful garden.
River of grasses

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