Monday, October 15, 2012

Word and Pictures

One of my favorite publications is Palette magazine.  It is published by Christopher Schink and William Lawrence with Cheap Joes Art Stuff.  I receive this six times a year and stop everything when it arrives. There are no advertisements, just art, lessons and inspiration.
This month's inspiration comes in the form of words, wise words.  For instance, what are you thinking when you start a painting; your mood, what would you like to express?  If you were writing about this image or idea, what would you say (Gerald Brommer).
Myra Levy has a technique, called 5&5.  When she begins a new painting, she brainstorms five adjectives or phrases that describes the feeling she wants to express and five adjectives  that describe what she doesn't want to fall into.
I am just trying to remember to write down what attracted me to this particular landscape and the mood it conveyed to me, with the hope that I can convey that to you?
This Madrona tree is so large and usually glowing with the afternoon sun.  I hope to capture it another day when the sun is shining. This was painted on a gray overcast afternoon.
John Alsip is a friend that has left Langley with so many memories of his art that the Sketchers decided to start an art record of his work.

Prewitt's Madrona tree

John Alsip garden lamps

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